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Our powerful menu builder allows you to create a reusable collection of food and drink items, which quickly combine into an enticing and accessible menu.

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Say goodbye to PDF menus forever — it's time for a fresh approach with Easy Eatery.

Your customers would never tell you this, but they loathe PDF menus.

They're slow to load and hard to read on mobile devices, and you might not know this, but they're often utterly invisible to search engines.

PDF menus provide a terrible customer experience and offer no benefits to your business. You're missing out on bookings by using a PDF or image menu — it's that simple.

Your menu should be your MVP. It should be the part of your restaurant website that drives the most traffic and converts the most visitors into customers. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Easy Eatery's menu builder brings food menus into the 21st century.

Our menu builder makes it easy to create a reusable catalogue of food or drink products and combine them into a media-rich, engaging and accessible menu. A menu that your customers will love.

Our menu builder, at a glance

  • A fresh approach to menus

    Easy Eatery treats your menu items like the products that they are.

    Create a catalogue of menu items which can be reused in multiple menus without having to reenter information.

    Reduce workload and create a rich and engaging menu with Easy Eatery.

  • Take complete control

    Quickly create reorderable sections within your menu. Add your menu items and order them as you see fit with our drag-and-drop controls.

    Fine-tune your menu by tweaking display options for each section and every item.

    Highlight those unique or popular items for your customers.

    With Easy Eatery, you're in complete control.

  • Tag your products

    Apply customisable tags to your products to highlight important information.

    If it's new, vegan, or gluten-free — whatever tags you need can easily be created and applied to your menu items.

  • Allergen filtering

    Help your customers make an informed decision by quickly and easily adding allergen tags to your menu items.

    Your customers can then filter your menu by their dietary requirements.

  • QR Codes

    Automatically generate QR codes for all your menus. Download and use the QR codes in your promotional materials, allowing your customers to instantly access your menu wherever they are.

  • Seamlessly integrated

    Easy Eatery's menu builder is fully integrated into both our page builder and form builder.

    This integration allows you to create high-converting landing pages for your menus.

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