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At Easy Eatery, we strive to offer the best experience for our customers. Occasionally, we make updates to our platform to improve performance, add new features, or fix bugs.

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Easy Eatery v0.2 released

A new version of Easy Eatery has been deployed to our live environments. This is a major release with an exciting new update, digital gift vouchers.

NewEasy Eatery

Easy Eatery v0.1.7 released

A new version of Easy Eatery has been deployed to our live environments.

ImprovementEasy Eatery

Easy Eatery v0.1.6 released

A new version of Easy Eatery has been deployed to our live environments.

ImprovementEasy Eatery

Direct reply-to for administrator emails

We've added the ability to reply to emails sent to you via your Easy Eatery website, as if your customer had emailed you directly.

ImprovementForm builder

JPEG Image optimisation

We discovered and corrected an issue with the media manager that was meant JPEG format images were being displayed on our customer's websites at their native resolution, without any cropping or optimisations applied.

Bug fixMedia manager

Form builder bugfix

We recently discovered, and addressed a glitch with the Easy Eatery form builder, that allowed unpublished forms to be added into pages on your website.

Bug fixForm builder

Media manager - automatic image cropping

We've reinstated a feature that automatically crops images to fit the correct aspect ratio, depending on where it is being used on your website. This feature was lost when migrating over to our new CDN host, but we've now built it directly in to Easy Eatery.

ImprovementMedia manager

Bugfix: Purge cache upon updating image details

We discovered a minor bug where updating image title, caption, or alternative text for an image within the media manager did not trigger an automatic purge of the site cache as expected.

Bug fixMedia manager

Form builder - design improvements

We've reviewed the the form builder and based upon customer feedback have implemented several improvements to the design and user-experience.

ImprovementForm builder

Media manager - Download original image

We've added a new feature to the Easy Eatery media manager that allows you to download the original, uncropped and unoptimised files that were uploaded to your media library.

ImprovementMedia manager

Opening hours JSON legacy options removal

We removed legacy options from the output of theme global variable {@globals.opening-hours.json}. While the full opening hours JSON contained within this variable are correct, there were two legacy options within the JSON object that were no longer of use.

RemovedEasy Eatery

Theme structure refactor

Due to recent additions, we've seen a steady increase in the number of files that Easy Eatery themes are comprised of. As a result, we've recently revised the structure of Easy Eatery themes to make managing themes easier.

ImprovementTheme editor

Page builder - two new page blocks available

We've added two new standard page blocks to Easy Eatery's page builder; an 'Image banner' block, which allows you to add large banner images to your website, and an 'Instagram embed' block which allows you to add Instagram posts into your pages.

ImprovementPage builder

Theme editor - new attribute flags available

We've added two new attribute flags, in addition to the many 'tag flags' already available. Unlike Tag Flags, which wrap the output of a template variable within the declared HTML tag, attribute tags wrap the output within one of two currently supported HTML attributes.

ImprovementTheme editor

Happy Cow

We've added the ability to add a link to your business' profile on Happy Cow, the vegan restaurant search engine. This link can be managed in the same way as your other social media links, within the 'Business settings' section of the My Easy Eatery control panel.


What three words

We've added the ability for customers to store the what three words location for their venue. This can now be managed within the 'Business settings' section of the My Easy Eatery control panel.


Menu builder bug fix

We discovered an minor bug with the menu builder, which has been addressed in a hotfix that was released this morning.

Bug fixMenu builder

CDN Integration via Bunny.net

We've 'hopped' on to one of the fastest content-delivery networks in the world to deliver on our promise of lightning-fast performance for our customer's websites.

NewEasy Eatery

Page builder bug fix

We discovered and resolved an issue with the page builder's 'version control' feature.

Bug fixPage builder

Theme editor updates

Easy Eatery's theme editor has received a number of quality of life updates to improve usability.

ImprovementTheme editor

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