Theme structure refactor

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We've recently revised the structure of Easy Eatery themes to make managing themes easier.

Due to recent additions, we've seen a steady increase in the number of files that Easy Eatery themes are comprised of.

As a result, we felt that the original file structure of themes was no longer working as well as it originally planned.

To address this, we have made the following changes:

We've split the directory css/blocks/ into two new directories:

  • css/blog-blocks/
  • css/page-blocks/

We've also split the directory html/blocks/ into:

  • html/blog-blocks/
  • html/page-blocks/

This change has also allowed us to simplify the file naming convention used within themes.

Files within these directories no longer have the prefixes of 'b-' or 'p-' depending on wether they belong to a blog block, or a page block. For example:

  • html/blocks/p-banner.html, is now
  • html/page-blocks/banner.html

This change has automatically been rolled out to every available Easy Eatery theme.

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