Opening hours JSON legacy options removal

RemovedEasy Eatery

We removed legacy options from the output of theme global variable:


While the full opening hours JSON contained within this variable are correct, there were two legacy options within the JSON object that were no longer of use. These were:

  • 'Today' the opening hours for the current day of the week, and
  • 'Now' the current open/closed status of the venue and when it would next open or close.

These options were created back when Easy Eatery website pages were not cached.

Since the introduction of caching, using these options could mean that the business is declared as open, when it could be closed.

To address this we now recommend that theme authors parse the JSON using JavaScript to build 'live' opening hours statuses, rather than rely on the now defunct variables.

We will be publishing a JS script that helps to this end our support portal shortly.

We also introduced a new option

There is now an option within the JSON called 'next_open'.

This option returns a list for each day of the week that declares when the business is next open. This new option can help streamline the development of opening hours widgets within themes.

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