Hello world!

A 2 minute read, posted Paul Dean on 6th May 2022.

Hello world!

Hello there!

My name is Paul Dean, and I'm the owner and lead developer at Easy Eatery. I'll use this blog over the coming weeks and months to document our journey towards launch day – and beyond.

This post has been a long time coming. I admit I'm a little anxious about hitting the 'publish' button on this post – and indeed this website – but the time is finally right to talk about Easy Eatery.

What exactly is Easy Eatery?

At a basic level, Easy Eatery is a website builder for the hospitality industry.

Our goal is to correct everything wrong with websites run by cafés, pubs and restaurants.

For far too long, the kind of website that cafés, pubs and restaurants deserve has been too complex, too high-maintenance and simply too expensive to be practical.

It's saddening that so many companies are settling for a website that merely "checks a box" in their marketing to-do list. A website that doesn't provide the benefits that a purpose-built website can and certainly doesn't offer the expected return on investment.

We're looking to change all that with Easy Eatery.

We are designing Easy Eatery from the ground up specifically for the hospitality industry.

We're building the tools and features to help businesses like yours find customers, drive bookings, and help them manage their day-to-day. And we're centring it around a powerful yet easy-to-use website builder.

We want to bring hospitality websites into the 21st century, with the high-end features and the standard of design that all businesses should benefit from. And we'll do it at a price everyone will love.

What's the plan?

Simply put: "make it work, then make it better".

We're working on the "make it work" part right now. Easy Eatery has been in development for over eighteen months, we're making significant progress, and I'm excited to share more with everyone soon.

Regarding "making it better", we have a substantial roadmap of features, enhancements and 3rd-party integrations. Still, more importantly, we intend to be led by our customers and their requirements, taking on board feedback and improving Easy Eatery accordingly.

We're in this for the long run and fully committed to ensuring Easy Eatery can reach its full potential.

When will Easy Eatery launch?

We've already launched our prototype website for a lovely pub and restaurant in Powys, South Wales. The New Tredegar Arms in Upper Cwmtwrch have tested an early version of Easy Eatery for some time. We're very grateful for their trust and support. We're aiming for a full launch in early 2023.

What can you expect from this blog?

I'll do my best to document our progress with Easy Eatery here. I'll publish updates and news here as often as possible and talk about the features and functionality that I hope will make Easy Eatery an indispensable tool for our customers.

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Paul DeanPaul Dean

Paul is the owner and lead developer at Easy Eatery and is also senior web developer at the award-winning Cardiff-based digital creative agency, Blue Stag

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