Easy Eatery development update: Q2 2023

A 1 minute read, posted Paul Dean on 23rd July 2023.

Easy Eatery development update: Q2 2023

Where did the time go?

I swear I, all I did was blink and the last three months passed us right by...

It's been a while since our last development update, but that doesn't mean we've been quiet.

Far from it.

Our changelog has replaced these updates.

A reminder that our new changelog was launched at the end of February and was mainly designed to replace these development updates. Since we launched it, we've added several updates, ranging from bug fixes to new features and improvements.

We've been focusing on early access.

You might have noticed we updated our early access page about six weeks ago. We closed applications for the current round of early access and are designing and building the three websites for the latest businesses participating!

We should launch the first website in the next few weeks, with the following two hopefully launching in August and September.

In the meantime, we've decided to feature-lock the early access version of Easy Eatery to ensure what we already have is in the best place possible.

Despite that, we're still working hard to design and build more features for Easy Eatery.

The first of which is our new 'customer feedback' module.

This exciting new feature coming to Easy Eatery makes collecting and measuring customer feedback possible.

This new tool will be an excellent way to gather valuable insights into the performance of various aspects of your business and help you monitor and improve the overall experience for your customers.

A quick behind-the-scenes look at the work-in-progress dashboad for our new feedback module.

Using this module, you can collect customer feedback directly via your website to measure the different aspects of their experience.

In addition to the included 'overall rating', you can add custom ratings for several additional metrics, such as the quality of the food, service, venue and more.

For every custom rating you add, you can collect more detailed feedback to let your customers tell you what was great and what could have been better.

As a business owner, this can give you more detailed insights into what your customers like or dislike and where improvements can be made.

You can also ask the customer if they'd recommend you to others.

While feedback can be anonymous, it's also possible to collect contact details if you'd like to follow up on any feedback you receive.

And whilst testimonials aren't strictly the purpose of this feature, if you get any particularly positive feedback, you can choose to display a specific comment as a testimonial on your website, provided the customer gives you consent to do so.

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Paul DeanPaul Dean

Paul is the owner and lead developer at Easy Eatery and is also senior web developer at the award-winning Cardiff-based digital creative agency, Blue Stag

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