All about our theme customiser

A 2 minute read, posted on 28th October 2022.

All about our theme customiser

From day one, one of the most important goals when creating Easy Eatery has been to ensure that our software is highly customisable. Not just for seasoned web developers but for people of all ability levels, especially those who lack experience writing code.

To make it possible to achieve this goal, we needed to build tools to let our customers make 'zero-code' customisations to their websites. The most obvious way to do this is to give people control over the layout and content of each page they create. We've done this via our easy-to-use page builder.

But, our page builder only solves half the problem. Not everyone using Easy Eatery will have a custom theme created for them and, instead, will rely on one of the premade themes we've designed and built.

So, what can we do to help these customers stand apart from everyone else using the same theme?

This is where our theme customiser comes in.

The theme customiser with one of our upcoming premade themes

We've created our theme customiser to allow anyone to confidently make customisations to their Easy Eatery theme's appearance without having to modify a single line of HTML or CSS.

So what can you do with the theme customiser?

  • You can replace all of your website's fonts with a selection of over 100 (and counting) hand-picked Google Fonts.
  • You can completely change your website's colour scheme via the easy-to-use colour palette editor.
  • If your theme has any defined, you can easily manage your theme's custom settings, such as alternative button styles and other display options. 
  • You may use our theme customiser to modify the output size of images for all of our standard image types on your website. Handy if you're making more in-depth edits in our theme editor.
  • And should you change your mind, you can easily remove any customisations you make, in part or in full and revert back to the default settings for your theme.

Preview your changes in real-time.

When you use our theme customiser, you'll be able to view your changes before you publish them. Your changes will be applied to a live preview of your website, allowing you to fine-tune your customisations in real-time before you hit the save button.

This preview allows you to view any page on your website and includes a 'responsive' simulator, letting you see how your customisations appear on smaller screen sizes.

While our theme customiser allows 'zero-code' tweaks to themes, our theme editor allows complete access to the source code of your theme.

Our customiser is developer-friendly.

In line with our commitment to making Easy Eatery as developer-friendly as possible, our theme customiser has been integrated into our theme editor.

As an Easy Eatery theme developer, this will allow you to define all the custom font styles, colours and other theme options you need when building your next Easy Eatery theme.

This is only the beginning.

As with every other feature on Easy Eatery, what we're showing now is just the start. We plan on regularly updating our tools and features to add additional functionality, making them more powerful and valuable to our customers.

For example, in the next version of our theme customiser, we'll be adding the ability for developers to create pre-defined alternative colour schemes for their themes, giving our customers multiple starting points on their customisation journey.

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