Lightning-fast fully managed web hosting.

Easy Eatery restaurant websites leverage industry-leading hosting infrastructure to minimise load times, delivering the best possible experience for your customers, wherever they are.

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Your slow restaurant website is frustrating your customers and costing you business.

According to research, 81% of people in the UK said that a slow website was more frustrating than one that was completely unavailable, and three-quarters of those asked would seek out a competitor to a company if their website were slow.

Even a one-second delay in page load times can result in a seven percent reduction in the number of enquiries or bookings your website will generate — and the slower your website, the worse it gets. So why suffer with this?

Easy Eatery is here to help, with websites built for speed.

We've worked hard to ensure that Easy Eatery restaurant websites deliver astonishingly high performance at all times, helping to keep your customers happy and your restaurant bustling.

Just a few of the benefits of choosing Easy Eatery:

Faster sites, more customers

We developed Easy Eatery websites to load as quickly as possible, which means a better experience for your customers and a preferential ranking in organic search results.

Free SSL Certificate

With an SSL certificate installed, your website will display a padlock icon within the address bar, letting your visitors and the search engines know that your website is secure.

Nothing for you to setup

We host your restaurant website for you and take care of all software upgrades on your behalf, leaving you to focus on managing your website's content and running your business.

99.9% uptime

Our uptime guarantee means you can rest assured knowing your restaurant website is always up and running, ready for your next customer to find you.

Content Delivery Network

Easy Eatery is integrated with one of the fastest cloud storage CDN solutions in the world. A CDN is an extensive network of servers all over the world that ensures your website loads quickly, no matter where your visitors are.

Unlimited bandwidth

No matter how busy your restaurant website gets, you'll never incur extra costs for bandwidth. Every Easy Eatery website comes with unlimited bandwidth.

Daily security scans

We spare no expense in ensuring our clients websites are kept secure. We run regular virus & malware scans and keep our servers patched and updated.

Daily backups

Every Easy Eatery website is backed up on a daily basis for your peace of mind.

2 Tbps DDoS protection

Easy Eatery includes FREE protection against distributed denial of service attacks as standard.

We're in early access now!

We're inviting your business to participate in our early access programme and be among the first to use Easy Eatery to power your website for free. We invite your business to participate and benefit from some exclusive incentives.

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Our technology providers:


We opted to host Easy Eatery with Krystal, the UK's largest independent hosting company. In 2017, Krystal was one of the first hosting companies in the UK to become entirely powered by 100% renewable energy.

Today, they're rated 'Excellent' by TrustPilot, hosting over 230,000 websites for more than 33,200 happy customers — including us.

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Easy Eatery's integration with's cloud storage and global content delivery network allows us to provide high-performance media hosting for our customers, complete with on-the-fly image transformations and automatic format conversion at scale.

This integration will supercharge our customers' websites to deliver enterprise-grade performance and the best possible customer experience.


Google Cloud

Easy Eatery leverages the power of Google Cloud's cutting-edge storage solutions to power our backup storage.

We've chosen to integrate with Google Cloud Storage due to its world-renowned reliability and commitment to a greener future. Google is carbon neutral for its operations today but aims to run on carbon-free energy, 24/7, at all of its data centres by 2030.

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Join our early access programme and get Easy Eatery for free

We're inviting your business to participate in our early access programme and be among the first to use Easy Eatery to power your website and benefit from exclusive incentives, in return for honest feedback.

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