Media manager

Our built-in media manager makes it easy to create a rich library of images for your website. Upload an image once and use it repeatedly, at different sizes, aspect ratios and crops —served to your visitors via a lightning-fast CDN.

Discover our media manager

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Easy Eatery helps them tell your story.

Images are a potent and persuasive tool.

Why tell someone how fantastic your venue is or how appealing your menu items are when you can show them?

Our media manager makes it easy to curate a library of images that can be reused and cropped precisely as needed.

Images that boost your SEO and make your website more accessible with editable alternative text, captions and titles.

Images that are delivered in a modern and efficient .webp file format and "lazily" loaded via a lightning-fast CDN to ensure that your website's loads as quickly as possible.

Get all this and more with Easy Eatery's media manager.

Our media manager, at a glance

  • Upload once, reuse forever

    With Easy Eatery, you only ever have to upload an image once. Our media manager allows you to use the same image multiple times on your restaurant website without the need for file duplication.

  • Drag-and-crop

    Every time you use an image on your Easy Eatery website, you can zoom and crop into a specific section of the image, focusing on only what you want to show your customers.

  • Upload and organise

    Quickly upload multiple images using our drag-and-drop image uploader. Organise your media library by sorting your photos into one of several folders and use our search controls to find what you need quickly.

  • Boost your SEO and accessibility

    Make your images accessible and boost your SEO with our media manager. Optionally add keyword-rich image titles, captions and alternative text content for every photo you upload to your website.

  • Next-level optimisation

    Images on your website are optimised to balance excellent image quality and small file sizes, ensuring your photos look great and load quickly. All images are served in a modern .webp format and are "lazy-loaded" to maximise performance.

  • Delivered via CDN

    Easy Eatery leverages the power of Google Cloud storage and our lightning-fast content delivery network to ensure that your website's images are stored securely and loaded as quickly as possible.

  • Generous data allowance

    Every Easy Eatery plan includes a generous data allowance - allowing you to upload and use more photos than you should ever need for your restaurant website.