Customise your restaurant website.

Our intuitive page builder and customisation options make creating a beautiful restaurant website easy for everyone. Developers can use our built-in developer tools to unlock Easy Eatery's full potential and create a bespoke experience.

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Tell your restaurant's story with Easy Eatery's intuitive page builder.

You don't need any coding skills to build a stunning website with Easy Eatery. Our easy-to-use block-based page builder allows anyone to quickly create pages on their website using our 25 (and counting) content layout blocks.

Creating a page is easy — add your chosen content blocks in your preferred order, then drop in your text and photos. It's that simple. Easy Eatery makes it possible for you to get started in minutes.

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Tweak and fine-tune your website's theme to make it your own.

We've made it easy to make "no-code" customisation to our restaurant website themes so anyone can quickly get started with Easy Eatery.

Easily add your logo, choose your fonts, change your theme's colour palette, and tweak image sizes and other settings to help your website stand out.

Theme customisation features:

Add your logo

Upload your logo into the Easy Eatery media manager and set it as your website's logo.

Choose your fonts

We've hand-picked over fifty of the most popular Google Fonts for you to use on your Easy Eatery restaurant website — and we're adding more all the time.

Define your colour palette

Set a colour scheme, or fine-tune your website's colour palette to put a unique spin on your chosen theme.

Set your favicon

Add your logo to the address bar in your visitor's browser by uploading your favicon. Easy Eatery creates all the sizes for different sizes for you.

Tweak your theme’s settings

Every Easy Eatery theme comes with its own unique set of options. Use our theme customiser to tweak these options to make your theme your own.

Modify image sizes

If you've made more extensive changes to your website's theme, you can use our theme customise the image sizes used on your website.

Extend our page builder by creating custom content blocks.

Developers, this is where the fun begins. You can easily create custom content blocks if you need more than the 25+ we provide as standard.

Our block builder makes creating new blocks a breeze. Add any number of fields in any order, configure your settings and hit save. Then all that's left is to create the HTML for your new block and add your CSS, and you're good to go.

Block builder features:

Choose from 12 field types.

When creating blocks, you can use all kinds of fields. From text inputs, text areas, select boxes, single and multi-image fields, 3rd party content embed fields, links, colour pickers and more.

Create repeatable field groups.

Our 'repeater field' allows you to create a subset of fields you can repeat many times, called rows. Name your row and set limits such as a minimum or a maximum number of rows.

Embed content from Easy Eatery.

For example, when you use our 'Form' field, you can allow site administrators to select from any created forms and embed them within your custom block. You can also embed third-party content from YouTube, Vimeo or Twitter.

Dive deep into theme customisation with our robust theme editor.

We created our theme editor to make it simple for developers to customise Easy Eatery.

Our theme editor gives you full access to the source code of your current Easy Eatery theme and provides the means to create a custom theme from scratch.

In our developer-friendly theme editor, you can confidently edit your theme's HTML, CSS and JS. We're so confident in the theme editor that we use it to create all our themes in-house.

Theme editor features:

Edit your theme's source code.

With our theme editor, you can edit your theme's source code. Override core theme files with your modifications without overwriting the original. Roll your changes back anytime.

A simple approach to theming.

Easy Eatery's theme engine is intentionally simple, with no knowledge of any frameworks required: just good old HTML, CSS, JS and our template variables to add in the content.

Use global variables.

Global variables are your company name, contact details, social links, opening hours, and more. All global variables can be used in every HTML file in your theme.

Automatic asset minification.

All CSS and JavaScript in your theme will be minified automatically. Add your beautifully indented and commented source code to your theme, and we'll make sure no one sees it.

Merge CSS and JS files.

Easy Eatery merges all CSS files into a single, minified file, reducing the number of HTTP requests required to load your website. You can define the order in which files are merged. We do the same for JavaScript too.

Create your own files.

Create your own CSS, JavaScript or SVG files in our theme editor. Custom CSS and JS files are minified and must be merged into the main file. HTML files for custom blocks are created automatically, ready for you to add your code.

Edit your theme's config

If you've made significant changes to your theme, you might need to update your theme's config. Here, you can easily set image sizes, change default settings and add your additional settings for use in our theme customiser.

Use 3rd party fonts.

You can use custom fonts from 3rd parties, such as Adobe Fonts or Google Fonts. Just copy & paste the link to the CSS in your site's <head> file and add the source domain to your site's content security policy, and you're good to go.

Get started with Blueprint.

Blueprint is our wireframe theme, with minimal HTML, CSS and JS. It's a perfect starting point for creating a custom Easy Eatery restaurant theme.

Our theme and developer guide is coming soon.

We're currently in the process of writing our developer documentation for Easy Eatery.

Our developer docs will include comprehensive guides to theme development and building custom content blocks.

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