Theme editor updates

ImprovementTheme editorTheme editor updates

Easy Eatery's theme editor has received the following updates:

New feature: variables cheat sheet.

We've added a feature to make creating themes from scratch easier. For each HTML file within an Easy Eatery theme, you can now access a 'variables' popup which lists every unique variable for a given theme file, a comprehensive list of global variables, and attributes that variables may use to alter their output.

Theme editor fonts have been updated.

We've swapped out the fonts used in the code editor from Source Code Pro to Spline Sans Mono to improve readability.

Keyboard shortcuts added.

We've added a few keyboard shortcuts when working with files in the editor:

  • Ctrl+S - Save the current file
  • Ctrl+Q - Close the current file

Added an 'are you sure' prompt when leaving the editor.

We've added a browser prompt to confirm you wish to leave the theme editor to prevent closing the editor with unsaved changes. This prompt only activates if you close the editor after making any file changes.

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