Media manager - automatic image cropping

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We've added a feature to our media manager, which was lost when migrating from our original image host to

Easy Eatery allows you to upload high-resolution media to your media library on your website. These master images can be used multiple times on your website, at a different size, with different non-destructive crop applied each time.

Our previous CDN provider had a feature that allowed Easy Eatery to automatically crop images to fit a particular aspect ratio, even when no custom crop was set.

When we migrated to, we lost this ability but were keen to reinstate it - this feature is now built into Easy Eatery.

Now, when you select an image for use on a page, blog post or menu, Easy Eatery will automatically apply a default centre-biased crop to the image so that it matches the aspect ratio defined in your active theme for the particular use case.

You can still override the default crop with a custom crop just as easily as before.

Still, this new auto-crop allows us to ensure that images are always output at the correct aspect ratio and helps reduce the amount of data required to load your website's pages.

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