Easy Eatery v0.1.7 released

ImprovementEasy Eatery

New feature - duplicate forms and pages:

  • We've added the ability to duplicate both web forms and pages within Easy Eatery.
  • Newly duplicated pages are set to a 'draft' status and will need their titles, content and SEO content reviewing before being published
  • Duplicated forms intentionally remove subject lines from any emails enabled and will need to be updated before using the form on your site.
  • This feature does not yet apply to menu pages, but will in v0.1.8 of Easy Eatery

Usability enhancements:

  • Comprehensively reviewed the Easy Eatery website control panel to identify and address usability issues.
  • Implemented design modifications for a cleaner, more user-friendly experience.

Design refinement:

  • Introduced aesthetic improvements to elevate the overall visual fidelity of Easy Eatery's website control panel.
  • Streamlined design elements for a less cluttered, more cohesive look.
  • The most notable changes are to the page builder, form builder and menu builder

Performance optimisation:

  • Applied performance enhancements to boost the overall responsiveness and performance of the control panel.
  • Fine-tuned processes for smoother navigation and quicker task execution.

Bug fixes and stability improvements:

  • Resolved identified bugs and issues to ensure a stable and reliable platform.
  • Conducted rigorous testing to address any glitches found during testing and enhance the overall stability of the control panel.

Media manager issue resolution:

  • We addressed a bug that caused incorrect images to display when opening the media manager popup whilst selecting a new image.
  • Implemented a significant update to the media manager, improving search functionality to cover the entire media library rather than the currently viewed directory.

Enhanced user prompt logic:

  • Resolved a persistent issue where the 'Are you sure you want to leave' message was displayed overly frequently.
  • Implemented a fix to ensure the prompt only appears when unsaved changes are detected before attempting to leave the page.

Page builder improvements:

  • When you add a new row into a repeater field, the browser will now scroll you to view the new row, just as when you add a new block to the page.

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